Get to Work (8/25/19)

Sermon text: 2 Thessalonians 3:6-13

Sermon outline:

  1. Work is required for community life

    1. An irresponsible brother

    2. The responsible community

  2. Work is the common responsibility of all Christians

    1. The pattern provided by the apostles

    2. The reason behind the apostle’s work ethic

  3. Work alleviates hunger

    1. The normal means by which hunger is satisfied

    2. Special exception: the willing but unable

  4. Work mitigates meddling

    1. Doing nothing is a problem in itself

    2. What we do when we’re doing nothing is a further problem

  5. Work provides for doing good

    1. The responsibility to work

    2. The opportunity afforded by work

Kevin Rutledge